Why Night ?

どうして よるに なるの? Science Picture Books
genreScience Picture Books
TitleWhy Night ?
authorTaro Hayashi
number of pages13
first edition2023/4/11

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The main character, Louis, loves the sun!
Why does it have to be night? I wish it were always noon.
This is a science picture book that starts from such a simple question that only a child can ask, explaining in an easy-to-understand way to young children that the earth is round and that it rotates on its own axis.

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We nurture the simple questions that only children can ask.

This fosters the “problem-finding ability” that children, who will live in the coming AI age, will need once they enter society.

sample pages

Why Night ? sample page
exhibit:”Why Night ?”
Why Night ? sample page
exhibit:”Why Night ?”
Why Night ? sample page
exhibit:”Why Night ?”

“Why Night ?” on Amazon

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